Your story is a beautiful one.  Your pregnancy is an experience filled with wonder, while your tiny baby is being expertly knit together.  Anticipation continues to build until finally you get to hold your precious bundle in your arms for the first time.  Then time stands fill for a few moments. The first few weeks after baby is born are exhausting yet absolutely wonderful.  They seem long, but then are surprisingly gone so fast. And before you know it, through many sleep-deprived yet joy-filled moments, your baby is already turning one year old. 

At Imago Dei Photography, I want to help you capture and remember these special, yet fleeting moments for a lifetime.   When you remember your pregnancy, I want you to think of the loveliness of your ever-changing body as you nurtured your baby even before birth.  When you remember your newborn, I want you to think of how tiny and delicate they felt curled up on your chest, and all the perfect little newborn details.  These moments are so temporary, but so lovely and worth remembering.  It is my great honor to provide clients with a luxury experience and high-quality products to decorate their homes and walls so that these special moments are not forgotten.

For my maternity clients, I love to show and capture the beauty of every pregnancy. I offer stylized maternity sessions, providing a client closet of 25 maternity gowns for every client to choose from, to help women feel and look their best. My goal is to obtain photos that will make stunning maternity wall art for your home.

For newborn photography sessions, clients can either choose an in-studio or in-home session. For either option, clients receive the same posed, “studio-style” photography experience including my wide variety of newborn-specific props, outfits, headbands, wraps, bonnets, back-drops and studio lighting .  I love to capture newborn moments for those who never want to forget. 

I would be honored to document these very special times in your family’s history. Contact me to request more information here.

Crystal Reddick at Imago Dei Photography provides clients anywhere in the greater Mid-Missouri area with High-fashion Maternity and On-location Studio Newborn Photography. Crystal has recently been voted Missouri Magazine’s Best Photographer 2019, and has been featured in Shutter Magazine, Summerana Magazine and Ana Brandt Magazine. Among her accolades are the Shutterfest 2019 Vision Award and First Place in the Newborn Category, Silver and Bronze awards at the 2019 Rise Photo Awards, two Meriting images in the 2019 International Photo Competition, and a Top 20 image at the Portrait Masters Competition.


Imago Dei is Latin for "Image of God"-- the idea described in Genesis 1:27-- "So God created human beings in His own image, in the image of God He created them. Male and female He created them."   I love to capture glimpses of God's handiwork  in people. 

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Missouri's Best 2019 Photographer